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TrailerWIN — Vidaco

Software for building and constructing trucks and trailers

In TrailerWIN you will find a large database with trucks, cranes and equipment and you can easily build up complete truck and trailer combinations with equipment while getting real-time axle load calculations. The program calculates weights and axle loads, dimensions, permissable loads and allows you to make turning calculations. TrailerWIN also checks the combination you’ve built for the most important regulations and gives warnings regarding weights and dimensioning, such as permissable axle and boogie loads, bridge rules, total weights, turning and more.

Exporting calculation data to other program modules

TrailerWIN is designed to work together with other program modules developed by Trailer Consultation. You can easily move for example to CraneWIN to make crane stability calculations or to CornerWIN to do turning simulations without having to build up the truck with the crane from scratch. All data from the TrailerWIN calculation will automatically be transferred into CraneWIN/CornerWIN for further calculations.

Printing and Exporting calculation data to other programs

By using the clipboard you can easily move the drawing from TrailerWIN to some other software, a feature that can be useful for example when making quotations etc. You also have the possibility to save the drawing, with or without measures and weights to an image-file or to export it to a CAD-program with the DXF-file export function. The data-page can be stored into a text-file.

TrailerWIN also allows you to print out calculations and for you to add a text-page to your calculation. This function is a good way to keep data on different cases/calculations in one program.

Trailers and B-double combinations

In TrailerWIN You can define most type of trailers; 1-4 axle semitrailers, 2-6 axle trailers and 1-3 axle center axle trailers with both rigid and steer axles in many different variations. The database also contains a large amount of standard trailers. TrailerWIN allows you to build up truck and trailer combinations with 1-2 trailers, B-double combinations and more. TrailerWIN also gives you the possibility to make turning calculations with these combinations.

By combining TrailerWIN with the CornerWIN program module, You can benefit of more advanced turning calculations and simulations.
All data from the TrailerWIN calculation you’ve made, will automatically be transferred to CornerWIN and there is no need to re-build the combination. Read more about CornerWIN here.

Truck bodies

You can design all type of bodies directly in TrailerWIN and you can choose among different body types ranging from standard box-bodies, curtain-siders, wood-transport bodies to sea-containers and car-transport bodies. With TrailerWIN You will also get a large amount of standard bodies as detailed drawings, these include garbage bodies, concrete mixers etc. You also have the possibility to import your own DXF-drawings to use as truck bodies in TrailerWIN calculations.


The TrailerWIN database includes most of the cranes available on the market (Hiab, HMF, PM, Effer, Fassi, Palfinger, Amco-Veba, Copma, Erkin etc). The crane data includes both drawings and technical specifications. By combining TrailerWIN with the CraneWIN program module, You can launch CraneWIN directly from TrailerWIN and the calculation data from TrailerWIN will automatically be transferred to CraneWIN for crane stability calculations. Read more about CraneWIN here.

Other equipment

TrailerWIN includes most types of accessories used on trucks, such as skiploaders and hooklifts, tailgate lifters, truck mounted forklifts, tippers, tool-boxes, air- and fuel-tanks, bumpers, cab-extensions etc.

Loads and load pictures

To easily build up a realistic load situation, You will find a range of different loads in the TrailerWIN database. These loads can also be split into several part-loads. The software comes with a large range of load-pictures such as cars, boats, tractors, timber-tractors, containers, etc. which can be selected from the load-menu. When adding these loads You can specify the exact weight and COG to get a realistic load calculation for the truck with the chosen load. With the TrailerWIN measuring and drawing tool You can easily check and draw additional measures directly into the picture.


Turning calculations and load-deloading diagrams

You can easily check the static turning calculation directly in TrailerWIN. From the static turning picture You can see the theoretical minimum turning radius in a 12500mm EU-circle. You can also define the steering geometry of the truck by giving max turning angles for the inner and outer wheels as well as front axle track. In TrailerWIN You can see the load- and deloading diagrams that show how the load will affect the axle loads. TrailerWIN also offers a function that is useful for bodies that are loaded from the rear-end (i.e. garbage bodies). The diagram shows you how the front-axle weight will change during loading. These diagrams are available for both trucks and truck and trailer combinations.

Versions of TrailerWIN

TrailerWIN is available as both an EU-version with kg:s and mm:s and an US-version with Lbs and Inches. In the US-version You can also activate the «US-measurement»-system that shows the measurements as they are used in the US-market area.

Rules and Regulations

TrailerWIN includes the most important rules and regulations and You can easily choose different regulations from the menu. The program comes with 2 regulations on delivery, additional regulations can be ordered for a small additional fee if needed. Please contact us if you have questions about the regulations in your TrailerWIN license.

Is the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator an alternative to TrailerWIN?

We’re often asked if our Axle Weight Calculator is an alternative to TrailerWIN. Here we address some of the similarities and differences between the 2 programs, as we understand them.

How TruckScience and TrailerWIN are similar

As with TrailerWIN, one can use TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator to calculate truck axle weight distribution, bridge formula, optimal payload, multiple point loads, diminishing load curve, turning circle and cab tilt arc.

Axle weight distribution / Axle load calculator

In addition to limits imposed by manufacturer’s ratings, and in the interests of protecting roads and road users, most jurisdictions impose limits on individual truck axles (Gross Axle Weight Rating), as well as Gross Combined Weight Rating, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, etc.

Use pre-loaded vehicle specifications, or create a vehicle from templates within the program, to calculate distribution of weight – including curb or kerb weight, weight of body & ancilliary equipment (crane, fridge, taillift, etc.) and payload – over the axles of the truck and/or trailers.

Designs are checked against axle weight limits

Designs are automatically checked against legislative limits which are pre-set in the program. The legislative checks that are carried out are concerned with areas including weight distribution, overhangs, corner distance and turning circle.

Designs are checked against chosen legislation

Bridge formula (or Federal Bridge Gross Weight Formula)

Bridge formula is necessary to prevent heavy vehicles from damaging roads and bridges. A truck with a shorter wheelbase can cause more wear and tear on bridges because its weight is concentrated in a smaller area and therefore can cause more stress on bridge members.

Bridge formula does not reduce axle load allowances, rather Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW), which can affect load distribution and actual axle weights. Designs are checked against Bridge Formula legislation where applicable.

Bridge Formula applied to calculations where applicable

Optimal payload

Optimise the dimensions of the truck body or trailer and calculate the optimal maximum payload carryable.

Optimal payload for the design is calculated on the fly

Multiple point loads

Graphically plan a multiple point load, for example when carrying a palletised load or steel coils, etc. Move load items forward or backward to correct overloading of a particular axle.

Multiple point load

Deloading Curve or Diminishing load curve

The Diminishing Load Curve demonstrates how the weight distribution over the axles changes as a load is offloaded from the rear of the truck or trailer. In some cases, a truck that started its journey in a legal state becomes overloaded on the front axle if part of the load is offloaded from the rear of the truck.

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Diminishing load curve

Turning Circle / Turning Radius

The turning circle or turning radius of a truck denotes the smallest circular turn that the vehicle is capable of making. This calculated circle is compared to the largest turning circle allowable by the relevant jurisdiction’s legislation. Customers with space restrictions in their parking areas are also interested in these figures.

Truck turning Circle

Cab tilt arc

Use this measurement to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the cab and the fridge unit when the cab is tilted.

Available Configurations

The following are the truck and trailer types which are supported by both programs:

  • dual-axle / 4×2 / 4×4
  • standard triple-axle / six-wheeler / 6×2 / 6×4 / 6×6
  • standard four-axle / eight-wheeler / 8×4 twin steer
  • eight-wheeler with triple bogie / 8×4 single steer
  • five-axle (ten-wheeler) truck

Available axle layouts

TruckScience and TrailerWIN allow you to configure truck and trailer combinations with 1 or 2 trailers

  • drawbar trailers with 2, 3, 4 (2+2 or 1+3) or 5 axles
  • pup (single-axle or centre-axle) trailers, with single axle, dual-axle or triple-axle bogie
  • semitrailers with 1 – 4 axles
  • 1, 2 or 3 axle interlink trailer (for B-double combination)


Both programs include a database of vehicles & standard equipment, as well as legislations to be applied to the calculations.

Database of vehicle specifications

How TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator and TrailerWIN are different


Our user feedback suggests that TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator is very usable by non-engineers, while TrailerWIN is more suitable for engineers.

Technology Platform

TrailerWIN is a desktop application, whereas TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator is available online.

Data Addition

TrailerWIN provides comprehensive data updates on a regular basis, whereas TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator adds vehicle, trailer, body and equipment data on request, and they become available to the user immediately thereafter.

There is no upfront cost associated with TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator. The annual cost of TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator is €432.

Advanced Features

TrailerWIN has some advanced features that are not available in TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, such as Stability calculations and Load Curve.

– Stability Calculations

Stability calculations are provided by CraneWIN, an add-on to TrailerWIN, at additional cost. This program calculates the static stability of vehicles with extended vehicle cranes.

– Load Curve

TrailerWIN’s Load Curve calculates the maximum payload achievable with the COG (center of gravity) at various points along the deck.

– Turning Calculations

TrailerWIN caters for complicated turning calculations with an additional add-on, CornerWIN. This add-on is available at an additional cost.

Export File Types

TruckScience calculations can be shared as TruckScience (.tsc) files or exported to PDF for sharing with non-users of the program.

TrailerWIN calculations are additionally save-able in DXF format, for use in CAD programs such as AutoCAD, as well as .BMP bitmap graphics image file format and .TXT text files.

Language Support

TrailerWIN is currently available in many European languages, while TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator is currently available in English only.

Have we missed anything?

As with most things, there is no perfect solution, but a best solution for you. We provide this guide with the best intentions, in order to inform your decision when choosing an axle load calculator. Please TruckScience get in touch if you have anything further to add to this discussion, for the benefit of anyone who may be evaluating TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator and TrailerWIN for use in their organisation.

Try TruckScience for yourself

If you’d like to use TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator, please sign up for a trial on the right of this page and we will send you login details immediately. Alternatively, email us or call +353 98 39130 to request a callback.

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Is the TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator an alternative to TrailerWIN?

We’re often asked if our Axle Weight Calculator is an alternative to TrailerWIN. Here we address some of the similarities and differences between the 2 programs, as we understand them. How TruckScience and TrailerWIN are similar As with TrailerWIN, one can use TruckScience Axle Weight Calculator to calculate truck axle weight distribution, bridge formula, optimal payload,…

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